Our Professional Dental Exams in Westminster

Visit the team at Smile Rockers, PLLC to get your dental exams, X-rays, and more. Our reliable staff is experienced and friendly, and we work hard to put our patients at ease when they visit our office. We provide a thorough dental examination where we explore your current state of dental health, then we sit down and talk you through the details. We believe that communicating with our patients is important, and we strive to make sure you are comfortable asking us questions along the way.

Periodontal Exam

During this exam, we’ll gather information about the state of your mouth, and evaluate its overall health. We’ll perform this exam during your first visit, and periodically on future visits. This exam entails:

  •     Charting of existing conditions which includes existing filling/restorations and decay/cavities, measurements of gum   health, and dental X-rays (if not available from your previous office, or over one year old)
  •     A discussion about how you take care of your oral health
  •     A review of our findings and a discussion about any steps that may need to be taken moving forward

Periodic Exam

During this exam, we will be comparing what we saw at your last exam to this appointment. You will receive this exam at every appointment unless you are getting a Periodontal Exam. This exam includes:

  •     Charting of any new restorations that you may have gotten since that last time you were seen
  •     Dental X-rays (only taken when needed) to see the heath of your teeth. Typically this is no more than once per year
  •     Discussion about how you have been taking care of your mouth since your last appointment
  •     A review of new findings, if any, and what to do about them

Dental Digital X-rays

Our dental digital X-rays help us see any issues in the oral cavity, including, but not limited to:

  •     The height of the bone around the teeth
  •     Interproximal (between the teeth) decay
  •     Dental-abscess around the root of the tooth/teeth

Referral to a Dentist

We will provide a referral to any dentists/dental specialists that you need to address issues that we are unable to address in our office. These may include:

  •     Dental Fillings
  •     Crowns
  •     Restorations of missing teeth
  •     Wisdom teeth extractions